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CP Training Consortium

Training Centre/Campus: London, England, United Kingdom
Phone No.: +44 (0)207 193 8976

How to Coach for Executive Success

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

One-to-one executive coaching is the ultimate secure &, confidential vehicle for people to develop their personal performance. Executive coaching enables people to achieve enhanced results through real performance, in businesses ranging from multinationals to small local companies.

This 5-day programme will evaluate the principles of effective executive coaching and of a range of tools and methods to support the principle of a coaching environment. The programme is designed to develop the coaching skills of senior executives who hold accountability for high level coaching in their organisation and for the leadership of policy in this area.

Kensington Close Hotel

Training Centre/Campus: London, Greater London, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 07960210672

Power To Succeed Workshop

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

&,quot,Are You ready To Truly Make 2015 A Year Of Results &,quot, These Two Days Are Guaranteed To Kick Start 2015. Power to succeed is for people who want to get bigger and better results in their life.

Dear Friend:

Together lets make 2015 the year you embraced your challenges face on.

POWER TO SUCCEED is about not waiting any longer. It&,#146,s about facing those challenges and limiting beliefs front on. It is about learning and seizing the new skills to sustain your journey to success. It is different from all the other seminars out there because it is done experientially, so whatever your learning style this is for you. What we teach are the same tools that helped me go from broke to building an international BUSINESS.

POWER TO SUCCEED has one mission: To give you the tools to take away and use long term in your life. This is why it is interactive and experiential so you can truly EXPERIENCE the power of our tools.... [Read More]

Corporate Coach Group Training

Training Centre/Campus: GLOUCESTER, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 01452 856091

Leader Manager (Certificate)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This training course is practical, highly structured and relevant. It gives delegates real ways to deal with everyday people management problems. The training can be applied immediately on the delegates return to work.

Our training is interesting, clear and highly practical.

These training courses are suitable for all levels of management from supervisor, team leader to Manager and Director

WWP Training Ltd.

Training Centres/Campuses: Basingstoke, Birmingham, Ipswich, Leeds, London, Newcastle, Peterlee, Wellingborough, Windsor, , United Kingdom
Phone No.: 01753 857 828

Coaching Skills

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

Coaching is an extremely powerful technique that can have life-changing results. This programme will help you understand the responsibility that the coach has for the coachee, as well as show you how to facilitate the development of your personnel.
This programme is for you if

your management role involves advising and developing people. Both practical and interactive, this programme will give you the skills you need to guide others to a realisation of their potential.
On completion of this course you will be able to:

Understand the differences between coaching, mentoring and training
Explain and apply the techniques of effective feedback
Understand the benefits of effective coaching as a way to improve performance and motivate and reinforce the leadership role
Consider and apply effective coaching techniques and activities for learning
Understand the concept of learning styles and use it to adapt to indi... [Read More]

West End Training Limited

Training Centre/Campus: Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 0845 0581375


Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

Topics Include:
Coaching vs. Mentoring
The extra benefits of developing staff by Coaching
Is this only therapy by a different name?
Business Coaching
Executive Coaching
Life Coaching
Performance Coaching
Why not training, counselling or consulting?
Who is involved?
Does Coaching work?
Top tips
Ethical guidelines
How to use a Coach
The Coaching Game
Learn how to coach
Learn how to be Coached
Case Studies

Virtual College Ltd

Training Centre/Campus: Ilkley, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Phone No.: +44(0)1943 605 976

Manage Coaching

Course Format: Online / Virtual Classroom / Webinar  V

Coaching plays a key part in any successful organisation, it helps motivate staff, accelerate change and improve productivity. Coaching is a form of development, where a coach supports another person in self-development and improved performance.

This module has been developed, to provide learners with an increased understanding of the key coaching principles and the different coaching models available. On completion, learners will have an increased awareness of a variety of coaching techniques and also understand the added value that coaching can bring to an organisation and its employees.

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

Identify the key coaching principles
Choose from a range of coaching models to help you structure your coaching conversations
Name different coaching techniques
Appreciate the value of coaching
Detail a step by step approach for introducing a coaching culture into ... [Read More]

CBP Training

Training Centre/Campus: London, England, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 07774859096

Dynamic Coaching Skills Using NLP Workshop

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

This workshop is designed to introduce experienced coaches to the concepts, tools and techniques of NLP. Including NLP in your coaching enables you to establish a strong rapport with your clients to help them achieve their goals faster and more effectively.

This is a highly interactive workshop and we use practical exercises throughout to demonstrate powerful and easy-to-use techniques that you can immediately incorporate into your coaching sessions.

Our professional coaching training is designed to take your coaching skills to a new level, to achieve profound and lasting results in yourself and others.

Business Transformation

Training Centre/Campus: Rustington, West Sussex, United Kingdom
Phone No.: +44 1903 784783

Coaching for Managers

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

Who should attend: anyone who is responsible for the work, performance and development of
Aim: To development managers�skills in coaching and developing others, encouraging links to
organisational and individual performance.
By the end of the programme participants will be able to:
&,gt, Describe the links between development and organisational performance
&,gt, Define what is meant by the term “coaching�
&,gt, Diagnose their own approach to developing others
&,gt, Practice and improve the core skills needed in the effective coaching of others
&,gt, Raise their awareness of the potential development needs of their own staff
&,gt, Implement a coaching process with individuals who have different needs.
&,gt, Plan the transfer of learning back into the workplace
Key Content
Self and others diagnostic: participants will complete diagnostic questionnaires to determine ... [Read More]

Activia Training

Training Centres/Campuses: Birmingham, Bristol, London, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Reading, Slough, , United Kingdom
Phone No.: 0845 230 6159

Coaching Skills Workshop

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This one-day workshop is designed to provide a practical understanding of how to give both support and challenging opportunities to employees, and knowing how and when to coach.

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors, present and aspiring, who wish to acquire skills that will enable them to improve employees&,#146, performance through coaching.

Course Outline

Defining Coaching
Interpersonal Communication Skills
Self Disclosure
Critical Coaching Skills
More on Communication
Learning Styles and Principles
Benefits and Consequences
Skills Involved with Coaching
The Coaching Model

West Thames College London

Training Centre/Campus: London, England, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 020 8326 2020

Coaching at Work

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

Coaching in many organisations has become a key competency for all managers. Coaching when done well is the most cost effective way of developing staff and will improve motivation, raise skill levels and has been shown to aid the retention of staff. This highly interactive session will develop the key skills needed to effectively coach people.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved in the development of people, especially senior leaders

How will you benefit?

Delegates will learn how to develop the coaching relationship through understanding the learning needs of individuals as well as a variety of coaching styles.

What the programme covers

The coaching process
How people learn
Learning styles and how to adapt these to individuals
Communicating effectively to build trust
Removing uncertainty
Dealing with the poor performer
Giving effective feedback
Coaching techniques that work
Unblocking techniques
Getting commi... [Read More]

Mouse Training

Training Centre/Campus: London, , United Kingdom
Phone No.: 020 7920 9500

Mentoring and coaching skills Workshop

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

Mentoring and coaching are two of the key skills of the classic "situational leadership" model (the other being directing, supporting and delegating). This workshop focuses on this area of one to one developments of team members.

At the end of the course, delegates will be able to outline processes, which enable hem to analyse the performance and specific areas of improvement for individual team members. They will be able to describe what teamwork really means and know how to contribute to the team’s success.

Course Outline
Coaching and mentoring for key results
Guidelines for coaching
Facing important personal development issues
Generating job checklists

Coaching Skills and Managing Poor Performance

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

The aim of the course is for delegates to acquire practical skills in managing the performance of their staff. Delegates are given opportunities to practice the coaching models in the ’safe’ training environment, and receive constructive feedback from colleagues. The ’managing performance’ section lifts the lid on an area not encountered very often by team leaders.

A variety of training methods are used on the course, including group discussion, questionnaire analysis, syndicate work, practical demonstrations and ’skill practice’.

A feature of the programme is the use of a Knowledge/Skill Checklist - a list of the knowledge and skills being developed on the programme. Delegates rate themselves at the start and finish of the course to establish the extent to which they have benefited from the course. This also gives the delegate, and their line manager, further analysis of their strengths, highlighting any further development needs. ... [Read More]

London Corporate Training Ltd.

Training Centre/Campus: London, England, United Kingdom
Phone No.: +44 (0) 20 3178 3080

Coaching and Mentoring

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

To understand the benefits of measuring work performance, and develop a strategy for creating a performance measurement system in line with the needs of the organization
To identify opportunities to mentor and coach and know when coaching is appropriate as a means of improving workplace performance
To demonstrate the coaching cycle and its use in developing practical skills
To recognize and develop the range of interpersonal skills required to be an effective coach and mentor
To use mentoring and coaching to increase the skills and competences of individual employees
To maximize individuals�outputs in line with specific aims and objectives set during the coaching session
To use constructive feedback to enable others to learn and gain confidence in their work
Course content
Day 1
Performance in the workplace �the need to measure results
Work performance opportunities and limitations
Understanding where the coaching model fits in with performa... [Read More]

Centre for Strategy and Communication Ltd.

Training Centre/Campus: Longdon, England, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 020 7490 3030

Coaching skills for managers

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

Coaching is an invaluable tool for managers who want to motivate and support their team to improve performance and manage change. It can also be part of an organisational strategy to support change at individual, team and organisational level.

Coaching is increasingly recognised as a flexible and effective way of supporting staff to develop new skills and confidence. This course is designed to help line-managers understand coaching, how coaching fits with effective management and to acquire practical coaching techniques to use in their every day work.

Course outline
The course combines the essential concepts underpinning a coaching approach with practical exercises, reflection and discussion. During the day you will cover:
what is coaching
how it differs from mentoring and counselling
how coaching fits into management
how a coaching relationship can make a difference
coaching models
different approaches
getting started
the basic ideas<... [Read More]

Centre for Nutrition Education & Lifestyle Management

Training Centre/Campus: Wokingham, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Phone No.: 0118 979 8686

Nutrition Coach (Diploma)

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

As a Nutrition Coach you would be trained to coach people through diet and lifestyle changes as well as practise as a Dietary Educator. The extra-curricular postgraduate module Why Weight Practitioner should enable you to work with clients who are overweight at a sophisticated level.

Key Features

�This course is aimed at those wanting to become a life coach that focuses on working with people to improve their health.
�The majority of the course can be studied online. All NLP modules require attendance.
�Available to study full-time or part-time. Estimated time of completion: 18-24 months.
�Upgrade to the BSc (Hons) Nutritional Therapy or Nutritional Science degree course is possible upon completion of the additional modules and payment of the difference in costs.
�It is not a Nutritional Therapy qualification and does not lead to Nutritional Therapy practice.
�It is not accredited by BANT or NTC

Course Outline

�All Level 4 mo... [Read More]

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