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ABTS Logistics Ltd.

Training Centre/Campus: London, England, United Kingdom
Phone No.: + 44 (0)207 504 7256

Export Documentation and Procedure

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

Terms of Delivery

Marine Insurance

Understanding Incoterms 2010

Institute Clause A

Buyer &, Seller Responsibilities

Institute Clause B

Institute Clause C

Institute Clause Air

Freight Rates

Preferential Trading

Controlling Your Freight Costs



Rules of Origin

Methods of Shipment

Transport Documentation

Container (LCL/FCL)

Bills of Lading

Consolidation (Air/Sea)

Master and House Air Waybill

University of Leeds

Training Centre/Campus: Leeds, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Phone No.: +44 (0) 113 243 1751

Global Marketing and Export Management

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment

•Explores key concepts, models and stimulus for globalization, in particular exporting.
•Examines the nature and composition of the export marketplace and the implications for marketing strategy and decision making when organisations operate beyond their national boundaries.

Hemsley Fraser Group Ltd.

Training Centres/Campuses: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Manchester, , United Kingdom
Phone No.: +44 (0) 845 071 2801

Taking the Risk Out of Export Sales

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

By the end of this course you will be able to:
•Understand the risks, costs and cash flow pressures associated with international trade and how to manage them.
•Help you to establish an effective policy when dealing with overseas buyers.
•Assess alternative methods of payment.
•Understand key mechanisms for managing currency exposures.
•Reduce the risk of exchange losses.

Export Procedures and Documents

Course Format: On-Site / In-House / Private Tutoring  V

This practical course helps you to understand and work through the procedures and paperwork involved with conducting international trade.

Correct documentation is vital in international trade and directly impacts on your prospects of securing payment. Good customs compliance is also vital, and can save costs and increase profitability. This practical course provides an overview of the main documentation and procedures involved in a typical trade transaction and will demonstrate how these benefits can be achieved.

Oak Tree Management & Training Ltd.

Training Centres/Campuses: Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Edinburgh, London, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, , United Kingdom
Phone No.: (01284) 763040

Export Credit - Payments and Procedures

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

Language and culture, political risks, incoterms, letters of credit, documentation, foreign exchange and international banking are just some of the features of export credit which make it so different from home trade. It will cover all of these topics, with particular emphasis on how and when to use Letters of Credit and how to avoid payment delays on open account trading. The importance of documentation, with an emphasis on the relevance of correct documentation as an aid to prompt payment.

Course Contents

Export Credit Risk

Customer/commercial and country/political risks

Sources of Information

Export Credit Risk Insurance

Methods of Payment

Pro forma/funds transfer; Documentary Letters of Credit; Bank collections/Bills of Exchange; Open Account

Matching the Risk with Payment Method and Terms

Incoterms 2000

Key Documents

Invoices; movement documents; origin documents; trade/commercial documents; ... [Read More]

Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce

Training Centre/Campus: Northampton, , United Kingdom
Phone No.: (01604) 490490

Export Documentation

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This course takes a deeper look at the necessary documents you will have to master if your business is to make a success of exporting. These will become an every day occurrence in international markets so it is vital they are understood before even attempting to export.

Why attend?

The course will deliver a comprehensive overview of export documentation at each stage of the export process from receiving an enquiry right through to payment. The understanding gained will enable you to deal with any problems that arise at each of these stages effectively, improving the chances of your company’s success in international markets.

Who should attend?

Those involved in the setting up export contracts, processing export documentation, processing banking documents, and arranging the shipment of goods at all levels including management and senior management. This means representatives from the sales, accounts and shipping departments. The course is suit... [Read More]

Export & Import Foundation

Course Format: Public Course / Instructor-Led / Open Enrollment  V

This course is an ideal introduction for those that are looking into entering into international markets. All contracts, import or export, must be set up correctly from the beginning and the contractual obligations understood by both parties. Delivery terms not fully understood can lead to misunderstandings over delivery and payment. Flawed contracts are not professional and are not good for a company’s image.

Benefits for your organisation

This foundation course provides a clear explanation of import and export procedures, practices and terminology as they relate to the UK company in the role of buyer or supplier. It is an ideal course for a general overview of both imports and exports.

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